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Welcome to the Ancient Future

A Well-Deserved Rest for Mothers

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, we spent a moment thinking about what moms need most. Perfume? No. Flowers? Sure! But sleep? Sleep is a gift that lifts a mom up above all other gifts. With sleep, she can be her best in every aspect of her life, from...

A Delicious Daily Ritual for Optimal Living

With a subtle mindset shift and a systematic, circular approach, living your “best life” is possible. Jill and I founded Good Pharma with this very mission in mind.

Health-Supporting Benefits of Chaga Mushroom*

Functional mushrooms are finally having their moment in the public spotlight. Chaga mushroom in particular has a long history in traditional medicine.  

5 Ingredients to Support a More Restful and Relaxed Lifestyle*

As we move into a new year, Kerry Hughes shares five ingredients that promote a more restful and relaxed life. Read more.

East Meets West: The Power of Integrative Medicine

Through innovative technology, Good Pharma is making traditional Eastern medicine more accessible and more in-tune with our modern way of life. Learn more.

Welcome Aboard: Meet Good Pharma’s Expert Scientific Advisory Board

As founders of Mighty Leaf Tea, we’re no strangers to building a new business from the ground up. But this time around, as we were bringing our vision of a wellness revolution to life with Good Pharma, something felt different.