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Welcome to the Ancient Future

Medicinal Mushrooms for Sleep

What types of medicinal mushrooms are good for sleep?       While many brands incorporate Reishi mushrooms in their sleep formulas, instead we have chosen a very classic, century old Traditional Chinese Medicine formula that can be found in the seeds of the thorny deciduous tree called Wild Jujube, also known as...

Mushroom Super Ingredient: Beta-Glucans

What’s in a mushroom, per se? Mushrooms have been found to have many beneficial effects for nutrition and health, and key across all the mushroom types is a type of phytochemical called beta-glucans. Mushrooms can come in either powder or extract form, and the difference in efficacy between the two...

A Well-Deserved Rest for Mothers

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, we spent a moment thinking about what moms need most. Perfume? No. Flowers? Sure! But sleep? Sleep is a gift that lifts a mom up above all other gifts. With sleep, she can be her best in every aspect of her life, from...

A Delicious Daily Ritual for Optimal Living

With a subtle mindset shift and a systematic, circular approach, living your “best life” is possible. Jill and I founded Good Pharma with this very mission in mind.

Health-Supporting Benefits of Chaga Mushroom*

Functional mushrooms are finally having their moment in the public spotlight. Chaga mushroom in particular has a long history in traditional medicine.  

5 Ingredients to Support a More Restful and Relaxed Lifestyle*

As we move into a new year, Kerry Hughes shares five ingredients that promote a more restful and relaxed life. Read more.

East Meets West: The Power of Integrative Medicine

Through innovative technology, Good Pharma is making traditional Eastern medicine more accessible and more in-tune with our modern way of life. Learn more.

Welcome Aboard: Meet Good Pharma’s Expert Scientific Advisory Board

As founders of Mighty Leaf Tea, we’re no strangers to building a new business from the ground up. But this time around, as we were bringing our vision of a wellness revolution to life with Good Pharma, something felt different.