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Good Pharma™

Rest Assured™* – Herb & Jujube Seed Infusion



Don’t give up on your dreams! This caffeine-free, tasty tea infusion supports the restorative sleep you thrive on.* Each Good Pharma Pour-Over Infuser contains supportive botanicals blended with our proprietary Rxtract™ (see Supplement Panel). These alchemized particles infuse blissful rest and vitality through a precisely potent serving of Traditional Chinese Medicinals and other key ingredients.*

What’s it taste like? Think refreshing lemon citrus with hints of vanilla!

INDULGE IN HIGHER BEING. That’s our mantra as we deliciously revive old-world wellness practices from “Nature’s Pharma” with the power of modern science. A vibrant life thrives with proactive practices of self-care, liberating what's possible from the inside out. Good Pharma’s Pour-Over Fresh Brews engage the senses in a satiating ritual elevating you to the top of your game. Revel in a powerfully effective, yet craveable path to a balanced, optimized life!*

Rest Assured-Gluten Free-Vegan-Kosher

Rest Assured™* – Herb & Jujube Seed Infusion


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  • FAQs

    What is included in a carton? What is included in a case?
    Each carton has 7 individual packets, each with an industrially compostable infuser and power-packed granules. Each case has 6 cartons of Goodness.

    What size mug should I use?
    We recommend a 12 oz mug. We don’t expect you to break out the measuring tape but our infusers work best on mugs with about 3” diameter.

    Are your products organic?
    Good Pharma™ products are not certified organic at this time, but we source Certified Organic ingredients whenever possible. All Certified Organic ingredients are indicated as such on our supplement fact panels. Above all else, we are committed to sourcing the best, most supportive ingredients while harnessing the power of "Nature’s Pharma".

    Are your products vegan?
    All products are vegan, with the exception of our soon-to-be-released supplement infusion “No Worries.”

    Are your products gluten free?
    Yes! Also free of any toxic chemicals and bad juju. Only the good stuff.

    Do your products contain GMO's ?
    At Good Pharma™, we strongly stand against genetically modified organisms (GMOs). We work with each of our ingredient suppliers to ensure the absence of GMOs. While our products are GMO-free we are not currently GMO Project verified; however, we are committed to completing this certification.