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What is Good Pharma
At Good Pharma, we believe wellness can’t be contained in a pill and that achieving your highest potential comes from the ongoing practice of nourishing the mind, body, senses and soul. Elevating ancient practices through the precision of modern science, we harness “nature’s pharma” to support energy, focus, gut-health, and sleep to optimize you for a balanced, robust life. Each Good Pharma Infuser contains either organic roasted Arabica coffee or organic whole leaf tea blended with our proprietary Rxtract™ granules.

What are Rxtracts™?
Rxtracts™ are our proprietary granules packed with full spectrum herbal and/or mushroom extracts and/or amino acids. Full spectrum extracts maintain the plants’ natural integrity and equilibrium, allowing for optimal health support. Each one of our supplement infusion products contain a unique Rxtract™ formula tailored to support specific needs. 

How are the raw mushrooms used in Rxtracts™ cultivated?
Our mushroom extract supplier grows their mushrooms on wood or sawdust substrates, and harvests only the fruiting bodies* (the best part of the mushroom!) to use in production of the mushroom extracts. Our Chaga in particular grows on birch trees and is wild harvested.
*The only exception to this is our Poria mushroom extract. Our Poria extract is made from the Poria's sclerotium which is grown on a wood substrate. The sclerotium is considered to be the plant part of choice in Traditional Chinese Medicine when it comes to Poria.

Are Good Pharma products organic? 
Our products are not certified organic at this time, but we source Certified Organic ingredients whenever possible. All Certified Organic ingredients are indicated as such on our supplement fact panels. Above all else, we are committed to sourcing the best, most supportive ingredients while harnessing the power of “nature’s pharma”.

Are Good Pharma products vegan? 
All products are vegan, with the exception of our soon-to-be-released supplement infusion “No Worries.”

Does your product contain GMOs? 
At Good Pharma, we strongly stand against genetically modified organisms (GMOs). We work with each of our ingredient suppliers to ensure the absence of GMOs. While our products are GMO-free we are not currently GMO Project verified; however, we are committed to completing this certification.

Are Good Pharma products Kosher? 
Yes! Our products are Kosher Certified by Orthodox Union.

Are Good Pharma products gluten free? 
Yes! Also free of any toxic chemicals and bad juju.

Can I consume Good Pharma™ products while on other medications, pregnant or breastfeeding? 
As a supplement, our key ingredients are potent . We ask that you consult your healthcare physician before adding Good Pharma to your daily ritual.

How is Good Pharma different from other powdered coffee and tea brands with added mushrooms and adaptogens?
Our products use a layered approach for double the punch. First, we start with whole leaf teas and herbs or freshly ground coffee (be sure to try both!). Then, we layer in a precise serving of our Rxtract™ granules, which dissolve and activate in your cup so you can actually taste and feel the best from "nature's pharma" in every sip. Other products blend instant coffee and tea with these powders so the entire mix dissolves in your cup. Truth is, the founders of Mighty Leaf Tea (literally!) couldn't sleep at night if they used instant tea or coffee. Our unique approach provides the ultimate taste and experience.

How should I store my Good Pharma products? 
Store your product in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.

What is the residual dust on the filter bag and inside overwrap?
Only the good stuff. We turn powerful ingredients from “nature’s pharma” into concentrated powdered extracts and pack them into every tiny Rxtract™ granule. So naturally, it breaks down and hangs around on the filter bag or inside your overwrap. Just pour over, add any excess and stir –– it’ll dissolve and cloud into a cup of delicious, soul-soothing goodness.


Is your packaging recyclable or compostable? 
Good Pharma is all about balance — that means we’re always thinking about people AND the planet, and how to minimize our negative impacts. We value transparency and have done a lot of research into sustainable packaging options for our overwrap packets. However, our ingredients are extremely sensitive to moisture and oxygen, and no compostable options on the marketplace met our standards. In order to ensure the best experience for you, we’ve started with overwraps that protect the integrity of the product and are committed to transitioning to a sustainable option as soon as possible.